The top 5 Worst Superhero teams ever..

5.The legion of SuperHeroes.

That team is pretty much all rubbish. Apart from superman. They have Bouncing Boy and Matter-eater lad. Arm fall off boy did trials for it too.

4. Squadron Supreme/ Deadpool Corps

I decided that it should be a draw between these two. The Squadron Supreme are just a load of marvel superheroes in cheesy costumes and the Deadpool Corps are just a load of weird deadpools, including Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool and a head of a zomie deadpool

3:Legion of Substitute heroes

Amazingly, some superheroes are so bad they can't even make it on to the Legion of Superheroes. Some of these heroes include Colour Kid, Fire Lad, Polar boy, Chlorphyll kid, Night girl, Stone boy and bouncing boy.

2. The legion of super pets

Is every type of the Legion of Superheroes terrible? Seriously, this one's the worst. They even have Bat-Cow. Now that's one bad team...

1: The Great Lakes Avengers

What do you get if you cross a woman with the power to become fatter, an immortal man who got buried alive, a flat man who looks just like mr. fantastic and a living door? The worst superhero team ever,that's what. Although they are mainly full of rubbish heroes, they have had a lot of other people on their team, including Deadpool, Hawkeye and the unbeatable Squirell Girl.