The top 5 Worst Superheroes ever.. Spider-Man Edition!

6. Spider-Man 1602

Spider-Man 1602's suit looks very uncomfortable. What use is a Spider-Man in 1602 anyway?

5. Spider-Monkey

Spider-Monkey is kind of hopeless. At least a monkey can do the stuff spider man can...

4. Spider-uk

Spider-UK is just like normal spider-man, except he's british and he has the union Jack is on his suit. He is Kind of similar to Captain britain-captain britain


Peter Porker, a.k.a. spider-ham, is a kind of rubbish version of spider-man. He features in the new movie, Spider-Man: into the spider-verse.

2. Spider-Ma'am

Peter Parker (normal Spider-Man) forgot his lunch at schol, so his aunt, May Parker went to give it to him, and got bitten by a radioactive spider.

1:Six-armed Spider-Man

Spider-Man made a potion to try and get rid of his powers, but instead,he grew four more arms!