The Worst Superheroes ever..

5.Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green, a.k.a. Squirrel girl has the powers of a squirrel, which is a pretty bad power. She starred in a comic series called "The unbeatable squirrel girl beats up the marvel universe. Squuirrel girl was a member of the Great lakes avengers. She also had a sidekick squirrel called Monkey joe. Monkey Joe ws killed by the next person on this list..."

4. Leather Boy

Leather boy dosen't have any powers. He did trials for the great lakes avengers but didn't make it, which only happens to really,really bad superheroes. He got mad and killed monkey joe and Mr.Immortal.

3:Mr. Immortal

Mr.Immortal is immortal. That's his whole power. Which is okay, but he got buried alive, which is very bad for someone immortal. He was killed by a guy with no powers.

2. GrassHopper

Grasshopper has the power to jump like a grasshopper. He was also a member of the Great lakes avengers. He might sound rubbish, but he's nothing compared to first place...

1: Good Boy

Good boy is a rubbish suprhero name. Especiallly for a girl. She can turn into a beast dog thing.