The top 10 most ridiculous superheroes ever!

10. 3D Man

His suit is really ugly. He is the creation of two brothers. Powers:
"The Chandler brothers received their superhuman abilities through exposure to an unknown radiation in the explosion of a Skrull starship. Hal Chandler could, by concentrating on the image of his brother Chuck imprinted on his glasses, summon a super-powered version of his brother: 3-D Man. Chuck had a telepathic link with Hal, who would lose consciousness and become comatose when the 3-D Man is active. The 3-D Man's consciousness is apparently a synthesis of Chuck and Hal's minds, with Chuck's usually dominant. 3-D Man, in turn, could only remain in a three-dimensional reality for three hours at a time before Hal would wake up, causing 3-D Man to subsequently disappear and return to his two-dimensional existence. The 3-D Man wore a specially designed NASA flight suit (circa late 1950s), altered in appearance and bonded to his skin. As 3-D Man, Chuck Chandler possessed approximately three times the physical capabilities of an extremely physically fit but otherwise normal human male. As his name suggests, 3-D Man is three times as strong, fast, and durable as military pilot Chuck Chandler. The sensory acuity of each of his five senses is three times more powerful than the maximum capabilities of a normal human being. In addition, 3-D Man had the limited quasi-telepathic ability to perceive the distinctive aura of the Skrull race, even when a Skrull has assumed another form. Chuck was an expert pilot and a talented football player. Hal is an experienced scientific researcher. Hal is astigmatic, and requires special glasses. A poliomyelitis victim as a child, he now requires crutches to walk."
From Wikipedia.

9. Chtylok the Che-k'n Cau

Chtylok is a mix between a cow and a chicken. Some people say it's the best combination ever, most say it's the worst. He is 25 foot tall and lives in the Antarctic. Once, he actually fought the incredible Hulk!

8: Big Bertha

Her superpower is that she can become so fat, she is practically indestructable! She is also a mutant and she joined the Great Lakes Avengers. She is very similar to Pink Pearl, a supervillain with the same power.

7. Wonder Man

He sounds a lot like Wonder Woman. He was made by marvel and he joined the avengers. His first comic apearance was in Avengers issue 6. He died in that issue too. He has the power to fly, he has an extended life span,virtual invulnerability, super strength,speed,stamina,reflexes,vision,hearing,healing, energy blasts, ionic vision,power recycling, electromagnetic manipulation, shapeshiftiing and teleportation.

6: Howard the Duck

why wouldn't he be in this list? Just look at him! He is a cartoony duck in a mech! I can't think of anything else to say about him!

5. Bouncing Boy

At first,you might be thinking: "Is he just a random boy who bounces a ball?"- but no. There's more than that.. Just look at the next picture...

Yeah, That's pretty weird. He got his powers by drinking something weird that he thought was soda.

4. Typeface

Typeface is a villain but he's so weird he really deserves a place on this list. He is basically this depressed guy who sticks metal letters onto his body and throws them at people he finds annoying. Pretty much. He defeated Spider-Man with his letters.

3. Armless Tiger Man

Okay, he's a supervillain too. He was a mechanic, but his arms got stuck in the machine so they had to get amputated. Since then, he started using his legs and teeth to destroy all machines.

2. Matter-Eater Lad

He can eat anything. That's it.


1. Arm-Fall-Off Boy

I think we can all agree that he deserves first place.

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